Fastrack Reflex Power|1.96" Super AMOLED Arched Display|SingleSync BT Calling|410 x 502 Pixel Resolution|IP68 WR

Fastrack Reflex Power Review: A Power-Packed Smart Wearable for Your Everyday Needs

Hello there! I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Fastrack Reflex Power, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. In this review, I’ll share my thoughts on its design, quality, features, how it compares to other smart wearables in the market, and much more. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this comprehensive review of the Fastrack Reflex Power.

Design and Quality: Sleek Looks With an Impressive Display

Sleek Design

First things first – the Fastrack Reflex Power sports an incredibly sleek design that immediately grabs your attention. The smooth curves and minimalistic aesthetic make for a stylish yet functional wearable that you can flaunt with confidence.

Super AMOLED Arched Display

One of the key highlights of this smartwatch is its 1.96” Super AMOLED arched display with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. The vibrant colors truly pop on your wrist while offering excellent visibility even under direct sunlight.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly Functionality

The Fastrack Reflex Power offers an array of features that cater to your daily needs. Here are some notable ones:

SingleSync Bluetooth Calling

This nifty feature enables seamless Bluetooth calling right from your wrist! It keeps you connected with ease without having to fumble around for your phone.

IP68 Water Resistance

Worry not about wearing the smartwatch during workouts or rainy days – it comes with an IP68 rating which means it’s resistant to water and dust.

Comparisons With Similar Products

In comparison to other smart wearables in its price range, the Fastrack Reflex Power stands out due to its stylish design and extensive feature set. While some competitors may offer specific features like GPS or heart rate monitoring, the overall package of the Reflex Power makes it an attractive option for its price point.

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek design with an impressive Super AMOLED display
  • SingleSync Bluetooth calling for easy connectivity
  • IP68 water resistance


  • Lacks built-in GPS
  • No heart rate monitoring

Why You Should Buy This Product

If you’re searching for a stylish, feature-rich smart wearable that won’t break the bank, the Fastrack Reflex Power is an excellent choice. Its design and functionality make it a great companion for your everyday needs while keeping you connected on the go.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users have praised the Fastrack Reflex Power’s design and display quality. The Bluetooth calling feature has also been appreciated by users who find it convenient to take calls without reaching for their phones. However, some users have mentioned the lack of GPS and heart rate monitoring as minor drawbacks.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Fastrack Reflex Power

  1. To maximize battery life, adjust the screen brightness according to your surroundings.
  2. Explore all settings and options to customize your smartwatch experience to suit your preferences.
  3. Clean your watch regularly with a soft cloth to maintain its sleek appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q: Does it support music control? A: Yes, it does support music control functions.

  2. Q: Can I use custom watch faces? A: Yes, custom watch faces are supported in this device.

  3. Q: Is there a warranty on this product? A: Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Conclusion: A Great Choice for Everyday Wear

In summary, if you’re looking for a stylish, feature-rich smartwatch that won’t break the bank, the Fastrack Reflex Power is an excellent choice. Although it may lack GPS and heart rate monitoring, its design and functionality make it a great companion for your everyday needs while keeping you connected on the go. So why wait? Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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Fastrack Revoltt FS1 Pro Smartwatch

Introducing the Fastrack Revoltt FS1 Pro, the world's first smartwatch with a 1.96" Super AMOLED arched display and always-on display feature. With the highest resolution of 410 x 502 pixels, you can enjoy a sharper and more immersive experience like never before.


Stay connected on-the-go with SingleSync BT calling and quick replies on Android, and easily access your favourite contacts with a capacity of up to 100 for Android and 50 for iOS. With NitroFast charging, just 10 minutes of charging can give you a full day's battery life, and up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.


Get more out of your workouts with advanced features like 110+ sports modes, in-built games, AI voice assistant, and weather updates. With a call function and touchscreen capabilities, this smartwatch is perfect for fitness and outdoor activities. Choose from over 200 watchfaces to match your mood and style every day.


Experience the next level of smartwatch technology with the Fastrack Revoltt FS1 Pro.

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Fastrack New Limitless FS1 Smart Watch|Biggest 1.95" Horizon Curve Display|SingleSync BT Calling v5.3|Built-in Alexa|Upto 5 Day Battery|ATS Chipset with Zero Lag|100+ Sports Modes|150+ Watchfaces : Fashion

  • Biggest 1.95” Horizon Curve Display: Fastrack Limitless FS1 comes with India's first largest 1.95” Horizon Curve Display and is ready to style your wrist with bright pixel resolution and brand new amazing colours
  • Built-In Alexa: Your personal assistant to make your life quick and smart like setting up alarms, reminders or adding grocery to your cart
  • Next Gen ATS Chipset: Revolutionize your experience with faster processing, zero lags and high accuracy on your smartwatch
  • Modify your style everyday with 150+ trendy watchfaces
  • Music Control on your smartwatch: Have your music vibe while your workout by having full control over your phone music from your watch itself. In-app Camera Control: Click those perfect selfies and shots by controlling the in-app camera from your Limitless FS1 smartwatch
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Fastrack Blue Solid Reflex Smart Watches

BlueIP68 water resistant smart watch An all weather health management platform Featuring Real Time SpO2, Heart Rate Tracking, Sleep Monitoring With 50+ Sports Modes, track each activity and take a step to a healthier lifestyle 250mAh to 300 mAh long battery Battery Runtime: more than 5 days
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Fastrack Reflex 2C Unisex Activity Tracker - Full Touch, Color Display, Notification Alert - Upto 7 Days Battery Life

Range of 3 Dual Toned Designs | Full Touch Color Display | Multiple Watch Face Calls &Whatsapp Notification | Vibration Alaram Activity Tracker | Sleep Tracker | Phone Finder Music Control | Camera Control |Sedentary Reminders Water Resistant IPX6 | Upto 7 days Battery Life
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Fastrack Reflex VOX 2.0 Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling (45mm TFT-LED Display, IP68 Water Resistant, Black Strap)

4.57 cms (1.8 Inches) TFT-LCD Display Call Function | Social Media Notifications Multiple Sports Mode | Heart Rate​ | Sleep Monitor | SPO2 Monitor Upto 5 Days Battery Life IP68 Water Resistant 12 Months Warranty​
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New Fastrack Reflex VOX 2.0 Smart Watch|BT Calling|1.8" HD Display|Music Storage|TWS Connect|AI Voice|50+ Sports Modes|100+ Watchfaces|24x7 HRM|BP Monitor|SpO2|Sleep Tracker|Fast Charge|5 Day Battery* : Electronics

BT Calling|1.8" HD Display|Music Storage|TWS Connect|AI Voice|50+ Sports Modes|100+ Watchfaces|24x7 HRM|BP Monitor|SpO2|Sleep Tracker|Fast Charge|5 Day Battery
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Fastrack Reflex Play Plus Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling (33.02 mm AMOLED Display, IP68 Water Resistant, Aqua Blue Strap)

3.30 cms (1.3 Inches) AMOLED Display Bluetooth Calling Multi Sports Mode | SPO2 Monitor | Heart Rate Monitor | Sleep Monitor Upto 7 Days Battery Life IP68 Water Resistant 12 Months Warranty
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